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Quality assurance and Control

Quality assurance

In order to ensure that our products comply with the ISO9001 quality system standard, we have been working hard to establish and improve the quality assurance of our products. We always adhere to the principle of “customer needs first, product quality first”, and in accordance with the requirements of GMP, consider every step of the product to provide quality assurance.

Activities and responsibilities:

Release of qualification and validation protocols

Document release: examples include specifications, mastery of batch records, and standard operating procedures

Batch review and release, filing

Release of batch records

Change control, deviation control, investigation

Validation protocol approval


Internal audit, compliance

Supplier and supplier qualification audit

Claim, recall, etc

Quality control

Our LABS and workshops support quality analysis throughout the manufacturing process.

Activities and responsibilities:

Sampling, analytical inspection and production of raw materials, intermediates

Sampling, analysis and inspection, raw material approval and product completion

Stability test

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