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EHS System

EHS policy: Promoting positive attitudes and actions, creating a healthy and safe working environment, and working for zero disaster risk
EHS handbook: Including policies and regulations, staff training, goal setting, performance evaluation, etc
EHS department:Set up a special organization to take charge of EHS work

E:Environmental protection

Working hard to improve production efficiency and reduce consumption of natural resources and minimize impact on the environment.

Gas waste, liquid waste, and solid waste are handled in accordance with federal state and local environmental control regulations.


Arrange an annual physical examination for employees

Provide employees with comfortable labor protection supplies

Equipped with a complete emergency medicine cabinet

Strictly control the safety and hygiene of working environment

Conduct pre-job training for new employees

All hazardous materials and related procedures have been evaluated for occupational health


The production process has been evaluated for safety

Require staff to be familiar with MSDS of raw materials and products

Identify safe practices, ensure that both the leader and the employee are involved in monitoring and evaluating them, and foster a positive rather than punitive safety culture

Ensure the effectiveness of contingency plans and resources to control and limit the impact of accidents

Equipped with a full set of fire extinguishing equipment

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